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Training A Chow Chow

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Most Chows are intelligent so they may be lead broken and trained easily although at first they may be stubborn. Some Chows are especially willful and most are sensitive enough so that correction can come from the tone of your voice and not from physical means. Some Chows have been trained in obedience work and quite a few have earned the C.D. (Companion Dog) title, a few less the C.D.X. (Companion Dog Excellent), and only one or two have earned the U.D. (Utility Dog) degree. One Chow has won a tracking degree. Chows can be used as hunting companions, splendid show dogs and wonderful pets for the family. Their versatility proves their value as an all-round dog. Like any other canine, the Chow can become a playmate for tots and youngsters provided that they do not mistreat him and provided the Chow has been raised with young children. Many years of experience have taught the Chow breeder that "socialization" is the only way to bring up any Chow. The socialized Chow is a more stable, contented dog than if he had been left on his own. A Chow which is not socialized and trained is a constant concern to his owner. When the owner has socialized and trained his Chow properly, both are happier.

Training A Chow Chow   Training A Chow Chow  Training A Chow Chow   Training A Chow Chow   Training A Chow Chow
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